The Resurgence

Carlisle's Sister

“You really don’t have to keep coming, you know. I know you have things to do.”

She always said the same thing whenever he came to visit, and he always snorted derisively.

“I’m gonna keep comin’ to see you, and there ain’t much you can do about it.” Carlisle turned to his sister and smiled.

She was a beautiful girl. She had her father’s stern eyes but her mother’s warmth. She remained seated at the table in a dimly lit kitchen, watching Carlisle as he busied himself making a cup of coffee.

Clarissa Elderwood sighed and shook her head. “You’re all the rage, you know. Everyone’s wondering what those contraptions of yours are going to get you into and when they’ll finally land you here.”

Carlisle smirked and cocked an eyebrow. “Awh, you know I got a while before I do. ‘Til then, you’ll have to keep me honest.”

Clarissa laughed, warming the room. “You know I miss you. It’d be completely selfish to ask you to stay, but I know you will someday.”

Carlisle paused and then nodded. “Yeah, I reckon I will sometime. Might bring some friends with me. I just wish we had more time.”

Clarissa gave a sad smile. “I know, Carlisle. I wish we did too. Will you walk me to the door?”

Carlisle sipped his mug to hide a frown. “Yeah. I suppose I could. Time already?”

Clarissa nodded sadly. Carlisle cast his eyes downward, then set down his mug and offered his elbow to Clarissa.

“Shall we?”

“We shall.”

He escorted her through the dark manor, opening a heavy wooden door that led to the backyard. The backyard was well kept, which Carlisle was happy about. It was large and walled off, mostly empty except for a large statue of Chauntea.

Carlisle stopped before it and frowned, turning to Clarissa.

“’Til next week, right?”

Clarissa nodded, a single glimmering tear sliding down her face. She embraced her brother as long as she could.

Within a minute, Carlisle stood alone embracing the empty air. He opened his eyes and sniffed, hastily wiping a tear from his eye to prevent its escape.

He glanced at the statue, one that had been here for seven years. It was beautiful, dark stone carved to perfection at Carlisle’s insistence.

An inscription was hammered into its base, glowing with a faint yellow light from a well-paid for enchantment.

“Here lies Clarissa Elderwood, beloved daughter and sister. May her memory never fade.”



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