The Resurgence

On Thyrria

Tidbits by Aristacro

Thyrria, as we know her today, was founded long ago during the First Sun when the Arkada set foot on her verdant shores. The Arkada of course being the progenitor race of both Man and Elf, though that subject is best left for another manuscript.

The First Sun saw the dawning of the Resurgence as well, and it is told that the gods themselves walked amongst us. The gods and demigods saw the Arkada as equals and lived together in harmony. As is the nature of the divine, however, some of their number grew bold and wished to subjugate them.

Shar, Cyric, Baal, and Umberlee conspired to make the Arkadan Empress, Thyrria, bend the knee. The means of the deception has been left to speculation, as only the divines can understand their own machinations. Suffice to say it only half worked, and the Arkadan people made a divine bargain in order to give up their immortality to become far more powerful. This created the first humans and the first Elves.

Empress Thyrria, retaining her Elven features, went on to rule for the next few centuries. I will be exploring this in a future text.



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